Our Origin Story

(left to right) Anna Mullens, Cassie Ruch, and Emilyann Long posing in an empty hallway at Woodburn Hall, Indiana University.

In the Spring semester of 2019, three strangers enrolled in ENG W-280, the only Publishing and Editing course offered to undergraduates at Indiana University, where students were asked to create their own literary journal. They would make social media pages and flyers, solicit writers globally, revise and copy edit, and work with In-Design to actualize this vision.

Those three strangers soon bonded over a shared and newfound passion for bringing writers together to forge a unified collection of stories. Once the course ended, the three women realized that they did not want this to be the end of their story. They wanted to continue to provide more opportunities for undergraduates and also gain publishing and editing experience before they graduate and entered the workforce. So, they worked together during the summer to establish the first undergraduate Publishing and Editing Student Organization at Indiana University.

After an extensive process, Indiana University officially approved the student organization during the middle of the 2019 fall semester. The founders then hosted a call-out meeting in a small, rented room in the basement of an off-campus coffee shop, The Pourhouse Café. They expected at most fifteen people to show up, but much to their disbelief, the room overflowed with more than thirty people all with a shared goal. There, with a crumpled up phone-tree and the smell of coffee beans roasting above us,  An Inkslinger’s Observance was born. 

We are a cluster of passionate writers, readers, editors, graphic designers, and artists with the common interest of compiling works of fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry that we want to share with our community and the rest of the world.

Please join us on our journey and submit your pieces to aninkslingersobservance@gmail.com.

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